Culture of Bhiwandi


Culture of Bhiwandi is quite similar to that of Mumbai’s culture. Every festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm and grandeur. It’s a Muslim dominant area. It’s a favorite constituency for the politicians as voters belong to both lower working class and middle class. Since it is a major industrial area, majority of the people are of business class. It is one of the best places in India for establishing trade or other industries. Bhiwandi has the biggest godowns in India.Almost all the big companies have godowns in Bhiwandi.

Culture followed here is a mixture of Maharashtra and UP and Bihar as people from these states form the majority of the inhabitants. Their festivals and celebrations spread to the extent of celebrating almost all festivals irrespective of the religion, caste and creed.

The busy roads, dusty pathways and view of numerous construction sites give the city a commercial look. The mushrooming construction industry has also changed the face of the city. The condition of the roads are really good as the national highway passes through the heart of the city. These factors lure the businessmen more to Bhiwandi and make it hotspot for business. Being more closer to Mumbai facilitates the city to be dynamic in all areas of life.

People here are very friendly and accommodating and it is one the many reasons of the commercial success of the place because if you have the passion and drive to establish your business people of Bhiwandi will go all the way out to help you achieve your dreams.

The closest airport is Mumbai. Distance to Mumbai central is 33kms. One can reach Mumbai beating frenzy traffic in 1 hr. The Bhiwandi railway station lies on the Vasai-Diva corridor; between the Western line and Central line.The Bus routes are connected from all sides. The Bhiwandi Bus depot is one of the most efficient and almost 24hr service. One can board train or hit the road to Bhiwandi. The trains from Mumbai going towards Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, UP pass through Bhiwandi. One can travel at cost of 380 rs per ticket.

Private and BEST buses run regularly from Mumbai and other sides of the state to Bhiwandi. Local trains also run through Bhiwandi. The best way to get to Bhiwandi is to go to Mumbai Central and take a ticket to Bhiwandi; which comes after Thane station. Don’t take the trains which divert from Kalyan.

Bhiwandi’s culture is special in its own way. Visit the city to experience it on your own.
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